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STM32F4 Clock Configuration

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A number of students asked me how we really can configure our clock frequency based on our requirements.  Therefore, I want to introduce you here STM32F4 Clock Config Wizard which is really helpful for you. This excel file contains macro can generate configuration file for you with user friendly interface. Also have a look at the AN3988 application note and the below video.


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Gebre Tsegay
10 sene ago · Cevapla

I am recently working with STM32f427 and have tough time configuring clock. My question is does it have default clock?

10 sene ago · Cevapla

Hello Gebre,
What do you mean about default clock on STM32F427 ? If you mean that the default system clock speed on your software project, there is a determined clock speed for the project if you are using template project from suppliers such ST. However, if you are creating your own project on IDE for instance on uVision, you need to set your system clock frequency. I hope it helps.

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