ibrahim ozturk

Entrepreneur, Tech CTO, Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Author

Especially related with my academic study, my personal designs, projects, conferences, papers and articles which I participated will be showed here.


  • Brian2 Python temelli bir spiking yapay sinir aglari simulatorudur.:  https://brian2.readthedocs.io/en/stable/introduction/release_notes.html
  • Brian2tools Python temell ve Brian2 icin gelistirilmis goruntuleme fonksiyonlarini barindiran bir pakettir.:                https://brian2tools.readthedocs.io/en/stable/release_notes.html


  • The Sixth York Doctoral Symposium on Computer Science and Electronics, Programme Committee in YDS 2013, York, UK, http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/yds/


  • ELECO 2012, Bursa/ TURKEY


  • Knowledge based Reinforcement Learning in Maze Navigation Task –  2014 Poster Competition Fourth Prize – granted Fourth Prize in “University of York PhD poster competition”


  • The Design of Modular Menu For Embedded Systems
  • Investigation of the Capture Effect in Wireless Sensor Networks


During the term date, I will announce here related works, valuable examples to help students, interesting websites related with each course as much as possible I can do. In addition, if you have any query, I’ll be much happy to see a message from you.

  • Summer Term 2013
    • Analogue and Digital Filters – Analogue Filters
    • High Speed Electronics
    • Digital Electronics
  • Autumn Term 2013
    • Introduction to Electronic Hardware Labs
    • Introduction to Electronic Hardware – Circuit Workshops
    • 2nd year Numerical Methods
    • MSc Digital Design using VHDL
  • Spring Term 2014
    • Computer Operating Systems and Interfacing
  • Summer Term 2014
    • Analogue Electronics
    • Computer Operating Systems
    • Computer Architectures
    • Neural Networks P
    • Further Digital Electronics, JAVA
  • Autumn Term 2014


  • I have been awarded a Highly Commended Finalist (third place) in “Demonstrator of the Year Competition 2013/14”.
  • I have been granted an award of fourth prize in “PhD poster competition”.
  • 2011-present : The Graduate Studies Abroad Programme by Ministry of National Education of Turkey Scholarship award & financial support
  • 2009 : Top 100th in ALES exam, which is a nationwide exam similar to GRE, among 180.000+ students
  • 2004 : Top 1000th in OSS exam, which is a nationwide university entrance exam similar to SAT/ACT, among 1.6 million candidates

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