ibrahim ozturk

Entrepreneur, Tech CTO, Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Author

I have a number of help requests based on software developments. Therefore, I have decided to announce here that I can tutor online over Skype or face to face  if you are living at York in UK. So I will just introduce my experience and teaching style here:

I love teaching software and electronics and have had lots of experience teaching people of all different backgrounds and all levels. I started teaching at Birey Private Tutoring in Istanbul. After that, I teach a number of bachelor degree students and  master students in Turkey and UK in various subject especially software and electronics area. I established a mentoring company to help students in Istanbul before moving to York where I gained much experience teaching during demonstrations in various subjects and private tutoring. I believe in using the best quality resources from a variety of recommended books as well as example project websites to make lessons valuable and useful. I believe that for students to get the best out of software skills, individual needs should be addressed. I take into account a student’s background, their reason for learning software and work with the student to set achievable targets in every session.

In addition, if you have specific problem on a specific environment or platform which you want to handle it, we can figure those problems out together also you can entirely understand how it can be solved at your level.

You can access me and you can make an appointment over Skype or Contact Form.

How do I pay?
Payment is by Paypal.

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