ibrahim ozturk

Entrepreneur, Tech CTO, Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Author

Currently : Independent Consultant at CompactCad

ConsultancyEmbedded Software, Electronics Product Development and User Interface Development 

I have experience in large multiprocessor designs through to small single low power embedded software devices also project managing large and complex developments. My expertise on project managing large and complex developments enables me to develop architectures that deliver the performance required while development time and minimizing cost. I can provide professional industry leading software for a range of applications:

  • Small low power wireless devices e.g. MSP430, Atmel, PIC.
  • ARM7/9/11 processors
  • STM32F0/F2/F3/F4 microcontrollers
  • NXP LPC13/17/18
  • Xilinx FPGA
  • LCD touch interfaces
  • Embedded Linux

Consultancy in specialist Software Development, Embedded Systems, Embedded Software & Digital Signal Processing.
I am also available to design and build custom software solutions, either adapting my current systems or building something completely new based on these languages as C, C++,Java, Python or Matlab.
I can provide these keywords which are related with my background:

Robotics, Engineering, Xilinx, Programming, Electronics, Signal Processing, Software Engineering, Image Processing, Microcontrollers, Linux, Simulations, VHDL

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