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CMSIS and TIMER on the ARM Cortex 4 Microcontroller

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 The Link is fixed.

Internal Lecture web page link

Instead of traditional way of code implementation, you can also try The Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) which will give you amazing opportunity to port and reuse your software in various projects. Furthermore, CMSIS is really user friendly, easy to catch and track when you are coding.

CMSIS and TIMER on the ARM Cortex 4 Microcontroller: Tutorial

CMSIS and TIMER on the ARM Cortex 4 Microcontroller: Project&Full Code

Please follow the instruction in tutorial. If you have any problem, leave a comment here.

A couple of students have sent me emails about compilation problem which are mainly related with Library staffs. I have tried the same code and project settings in an entirely different environment and PC to see whether there is really problem or not. I realized that the library I suggest you  is an updated on 08-November-2013 DSP&Standard Peripheral Library for STM32F4. However, in the given project I am using the previous standard peripheral library which is called STM32F4-Discovery_FW_V1.1.0 and you can download it from here or http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF257904You can configure project settings based on updated  library or you can download the library which I am using from the given link. I am so sorry about this conflict.

On the other hand,  a number of students are asking me that the uploaded project can be compiled without any errors but it can not be download to the STM32F4 board. This is actually related with Keil Connection settings at your local project. Even if I have configured it correctly in my local computer, you have to configure this part again in your local side. Therefore, after you download the project, you should be sure about your “debug connection” settings and “Keil Flash Programmer” settings as they are showed in the below document (Especially Step 2 and Step 3 under Configuring the ST-Link V2 Part) :

STMicroelectronics: Cortex™-M4 Training STM32F407 Discovery evaluation board using ARM® Keil™ MDK Toolkit


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