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Entrepreneur, Tech CTO, Software Developer, Electronics Engineer, Author

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I was pursuing a PhD in computational neuroscience at University of York’s Department of Electronics Engineering under the supervision of Professor David M. Halliday. Fortunately, I am awarded with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at University of York in 2017 for a dissertation on “Learning spatio-temporal spike train encodings with ReSuMe, DelReSuMe, and Reward-modulated Spike-timing Dependent Plasticity in Spiking Neural Networks”. You can read more about my academic interests here and peruse my past and present projects here.

I’m also an active contributor to the Robotics and Embedded Systems, data science infrastructures including various tools/packages on natural language processing, neural networks and machine learning techniques; I maintain a large number of (mostly scientific) software projects, many of which I use in the course of my research.

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